Compensation Plan

In order to provide maximum configurability we have divided the compensation plan into 4 distinct segments namely structure, rank, status and compensation. Each of these segments works with all other segments allowing you to create almost any compensation plan you can imagine.


The structure of your downline is a crucial element of your overall compensation plan. Although the NetReady development team can provide you with almost any structure imaginable there are 3 structures that come standard. 

  1. Uni-level
    Infinitely wide and infinitely deep structure. Although this structure provides for infinite depth, most uni-livel plans do not exceed 5 levels.
  2. Fixed (or forced) matrix
    Infinitely deep but limited to how many members each person can have in their front line. Again, the depth is only limited by the number of levels you elect to pay commission on. A typical matrix would be four members wide by six levels deep. 
  3. Binary
    In a binary structure you have only 2 legs that are infinitely deep. When selecting the binary plan, the NetReady system will always have a unilevel structure to track recruiting regardless of where the members are placed in the binary structure. This allows you to pay commission on both a binary structure and a unilevel structure while also tracking personal activity for incentives and recognition.



NetReady provides an infinite number of ranks that can be uniquely named. Along with rank comes promotion and demotion rules. Each rank has a weight in the system and can be tied to specific commissions. Members can be promoted based on personal activity, team activity, the structure they achieve in their downline or any combination of the above.


Each member can have an infinite number of statuses. The status of a member can impact their earning potential, promotion, incentives and recognition. NetReady provides a rule engine that allows you to set up exactly what activity will result in which status and ultimately how that affects the overall compensation plan

Commission and bonuses

It has been our experience that no two compensation plans are the same - each compensation plan requires optimisation to ensure rapid real-time calculations. For this reason we have extracted the most common compensation elements and create stand-alone commission and bonus rules. These rules can be  applied to a rank, structure and status and will all work together to provide a rich and effective compensation plan. 


If you have a new and awesome idea for paying commissions then our team is more than capable of making it a reality. Provide us with the specifications and we will develop it bespoke for you. There is nothing you ca imaging that our team can’t deal with.